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Rephlex Records 10 Years Celebration @ Viva Zwei , TV Show


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Now, I was surprised not to find a thread for this since it has been around for a while, a full version is available in the ballacid channel.



However I know that a "remastered" version with fixed audio and better sync amongst other things was available on the channel 


at the address youtu.be/gfc_xp113Oo until it was privated sometime during the last year.

I guess this thread is for discussing the vid but also for letting people know if the remastered version ever becomes available again..



Hosted by Grant Wilson-Claridge prior to his possession by The Colundi Sequence and joined by the original broken foot raver, Bogdan Raczynski, this rare insight into the much loved, sadly defunct and extremely missed Rephlex records is essential viewing for all Cornish electro tragic’s. Get your Braindance on.


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Viva Zwei had so much good stuff, the Mouse on Mars/Oval/Microstoria Japan tour doc is incredible.


The remastered version of this Rephlex one seems to be set to private, damn shame. It turned me onto a bunch of their stuff I didn't know about.

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