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Seefeel - Rupt and Flex + St/Fr/Sp + Succour/ Ch-Vox re-releases

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This is massive.  I think St / Fr / Sp will feature the first vinyl pressing of Autechre's Spangle remix?  That has always been a special track, sounds like a lost twin from Selected ambient works 2.

Crap, i want to buy all of this but that would be a bit much..  The cd set is a great value, too bad it would just be a physical artifact as I don't even have a cd player right now lol.

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Was wondering who was gonna repress (ch-vox), as much of the Rephlex carrion has already been picked over. Always struck me as weird it came out on Rephlex anyway, nice to hear the backstory on that. I wouldnt have had GWC and Rich down as big fans, for some reason.

All the bonus gubbins though - and those compilations.. fantastic stuff, something to look forward to. 

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Just confirming the vinyl versions will have all the bonus tracks?
Almost certainly, the original albums were 2xLP and single LP so looks like they've added an extra record on each.
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^ Yeah, all the additional tracks are included on the updated art work; Succour is now a 3xLP package as you say. 

I always thought the design for Succour was great, and I like how they've used that styling across the re-issues. I had to get the CDs as well, even though it's an indulgence. 


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1 hour ago, Rubin Farr said:

Are these 12” live tracks included with one of the LPs? I also don’t see the Aphex remixes on any of the reissues, is that correct?


Looks like we missed that single in the thread title, that will be first vinyl issue of those versions, which were recorded around their most recent tour (2019, thus their titles indicating 'spangle 2019' and 'gatha 2019').

The vinyl reissues have just the original album versions of those tracks, plus bonus discs of what i assume will be b-sides and contemporaneous unreleased material.

And the other bonus tracks on the EPs compilation are the Ae remix and an unheard Statethrough (Transition mix). So no aphex remixes.

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10 hours ago, Key said:

Always struck me as weird it came out on Rephlex anyway, nice to hear the backstory on that.

I agree but "nice to hear" = the backstory is being documented somewhere? Or... as in it would be nice to hear this backstory? Cos I don't see it anywhere

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14 hours ago, cern said:

Seefeel subforum now! 100 way better than that bitch Clark 


Came across this via e-mail from BandCamp so tempted but its a lot of dough to spend!!!

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