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More than two years after their last album release „Who Else”, Modeselektor is back with the new album „Extended”, a mixtape with 27 all new tracks by the Berlin-based duo.

In 2020, Modeselektor spent more time in the studio than ever before, reshaping old tracks, constructing new ones and gradually assembling the mixtape as a response to the chaos and uncertainty of the outside world. The result is „Extended”, a whirlwind flying through 27 tracks in around 66 minutes and maintaining a flow that feels natural, even as the music seesaws through distortion-laced rave riddims, speaker-rattling boom-bap, gnarled dub meditations, gleeful melodic bliss and a lot more. Included are collaborations with Jackson & His Computer Band and legendary dub vocalist Paul St Hilaire.

„Extended” will get released on April 9, 2021 on all digital channels and on April 23, 2021 on CD and limited Tape. It will be followed by a series of EPs, each one built around a different track from the mixtape with vocal contributions, reworks and remixes.


  1. Minibus
  2. Dentist
  3. Sekt um 12
  4. Tacken
  5. Hood feat. Jackson & His Computer Band
  6. Rainy
  7. Hyena Dancehall
  8. Butlin’s Minehead Interlude
  9. Bangface
  10. 1000 Kicks
  11. Puls
  12. Soda
  13. Paradiso
  14. Kupfer
  15. U8
  16. Ohm
  17. The Germs
  18. Stadtschloss
  19. Disc
  20. Movement feat. Paul St Hilaire
  21. Keller
  22. Mean
  23. KlangKrieg
  24. Cthulhu Drums
  25. Bilbao
  26. Lockdown
  27. Devotion is such a strong word


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This is very good. A mix of bangers and more playful stuff. Subtle playful sorta. Not in-your-face-Scooter-funny like their earlier stuff.

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On 4/15/2021 at 7:52 AM, Extralife said:

This slaps.

Bump cuz this isthe proverbial shite-haute.  basically the album I'd always hoped they'd make since I first heard of them, all killer no filler. Both guests deliver the goods.

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