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the UNTELECTLOL thread

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6 minutes ago, brian trageskin said:

thread needs just a touch of olive oil imo  

/last post

''a tee spoon of olive oil'' = 7 liters of olive oil 


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30 minutes ago, cyanobacteria said:

this is prol the most disgusting thing ive ever seen

it'd have been more enjoyable if she'd just smashed all that shit into her face and hair and neck and poured that grape drink on her head like a ASMR Vapor Wave Devine and rolled around in it making grunting noises

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wife was going into labour. i had to get her to the hospital. suddenly i get a call. it's an emergency. it's my friend, the giant anthropomorphic talking toaster pastrie. he says "hey man i hope this isn't a bad time it's just that i woke up this morning it's just, i dunno, i feel like every body's being so frosty & not in the delicious chocolatey sprinkle kinda way. i just need someone to talk to rn". and i said "bro you know it's never a bad time. i don't mind when you call me. in fact...


i love it when you call me, Big Pop-tart


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  • chenGOD changed the title to the UNTELECTLOL thread

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