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Soisong - Broadcast #1 - #6


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These are so good strong contender for my fav release so far this year






On 02.01.2021 truck drivers and winemakers in Bordeaux region, France, witnessed an unusual radio transmission on AM carrier frequency 1202.1 kHz. The signal was weak and contained no information except for what sounded like a radio call from an unknown station. However, two of the witnesses also reported hearing voices reading numbers, and an announcement of a forthcoming "soisong" broadcast on 22.01.2021, at 20:21 CET.. To investigate the content of the forthcoming transmission with help of independent externals observers, a newly created scientific committee engaged a well equipped local radio station, Station Essense, with a purpose to track down and amplify the signal to the levels sufficient for live internet streaming. On Friday, January 22, 2021 the announced transmission was intercepted by the station, this recording is now made available here in its original quality

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Really great stuff all around, so glad Ivan made these available for wider consumption. I really enjoyed the Jarman OST as well and finally completed my SoiSong cd collection this year (minus the impossible rare memory box).



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IMO the best one yet - As soon as it finished I immediately hit play again and listened straight through as second time.

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