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SOISONG - Broadcasts #1 - 10


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...and what is supposedly the final transmission has now dropped (updated link above). Downloading as I type.

EDIT: Certainly not a bad ending to the series, was a bit more bombastic and beat-y than I expected for a finale and didn't have some of the more instantly-jaw-dropping-downbeat sections of some of the previous 'episodes', but aye: A happy launch into space with some 90s Orb-esque and 00s Avalanches-esque expeditions! Highlight for me was the ambient/solo piano to funk-jazz freakout track from the 10-15 minute mark... Goodbye Earth !

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  • Rubin Farr changed the title to SOISONG - Broadcasts #1 - 10

Thanks for the updates, I am enjoying these broadcasts. I held off for a while because I wasn't even sure what the hell it was, since peter christopherson is gone. It really felt like they were on the cusp of some new territory before he died.

Very cool cryptic presentation and release strategy too. I'v realised that my favourite art makes me feel like i'm decoding secrets. Autechre do this really well.

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Was surprised to see an email from Bandcamp mentioning number 10 had been released - Totally thought we were finished with just the 2021 set - Looking forward to downloading it this evening

I've actually enjoyed these broadcasts a little more than the actual Soisong albums - I think it's because they remind me of FSOL's DJ/ISDN/Electric Brainstorm/Mind Maps mixes: Disparate styles somehow fused together into a consistent 1 hour transmission along with snatches of signal recordings. Like picking up some weird radio station several hundred miles away

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