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Telex have shared their previously unreleased take on Sonny & Cher’s 60s hit, “The Beat Goes On”. The track, here renamed “The Beat Goes On/Off” was recently discovered when Telex were compiling the first release in an ongoing partnership with Mute, “This is Telex”, a brand new 14-track compilation – out on 30 April 2021.

“This is Telex” features singles from across the Belgian synthpop trio’s career, from their debut single, “Twist à Saint Tropez” in 1978 through to their final album release, “How Do You Dance?” in 2006. Tracks on the compilation are newly mixed and remastered from the original tapes by band members Dan Lacksman and Michel Moers. These new mixes often involved subtracting from, rather than adding to, the original multi-track recordings. “We simplify,” explains Lacksman. “We take away, to create something more efficient, more Telex.”

Telex announced their retirement in 2008, following Moulin’s death, This new partnership with Mute will see a comprehensive reissue series of the back catalogue, starting with the new compilation.

- https://www.side-line.com/belgian-electro-pioneers-telex-release-previously-unreleased-take-on-sonny-chers-the-beat-goes-on/

01. The Beat Goes On/Off 3:37 [ PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED ]
02. Moskow Diskow 3:19
03. Twist À Saint-Tropez 3:27
04. Euro-Vision 2:44
05. Dance To The Music 3:35
06. Drama Drama 4:00
07. Exercise Is Good For You 3:56
08. L'Amour Toujours 3:32
09. Radio-Radio 4:05
10. Rendez-Vous Dans L'Espace 4:16
11. Beautiful Li(f)e 3:24
12. The Number One Song In Heaven 6:28
13. La Bamba 3:22
14. Dear Prudence 4:02



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telex are some of the very best. curious to see how this will sound... as far as I can hear the original LPs don't need any sort of remastering.. but whatever. don't really need this but i ordered it anyway. i love them that much. and yes their eurovision performance is one of the greatest moments in electronic music history. dan lacksman looks like rich evans

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