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Steve Moore & Bluetech - Liminal Migration

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Haven't really kept up with Bluetech since TDI, preview track sounds very nice. Maybe I'll have a listen to Holotrope and/or Sci-fi Lullabies as well now that I'm at it.

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    • By Bluetech
      Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.  My name is Evan, and I've been releasing electronic music for almost 20 years now under the name Bluetech, and a few others.  Currently running a label called Behind The Sky releasing electronic / modular synth music on vinyl.  Total synth head, modular collector, and deep into the diy rabbit hole.  Buchla, Serge, eurorack, Moog modular, use all of it. 

      Hope everyone is staying upbeat and positive during this time.
    • By Rubin Farr
      Sounding good

    • By zkreso
      L.I.E.S. coming out with their first CD release, a 2 CD compilation coming Dec. 1st 2012.
      First CD is released but out of print stuff, second CD is unreleased.
      01. Jahilyya Fields – Servant Garden
      02. Steve Moore – Frigia
      03. Marcos Cabral – 24 Hour Flight
      04. Legowelt – Sark Island Acid
      05. Terekke – Pf Pf Pass
      06. Maxmillion Dunbar – Cassette Arabic
      07. Bookworms – African Rhythms
      08. Torn Hawk – Shock Tape
      09. Two Dogs in a House – 5th Floor
      10. Svengalisghost – Deep Into Memory
      11. Vapauteen – Measure
      01. Torn Hawk – This is Crime & Lace
      02. Bonquiqui – Sandsovtime
      03. Terekke – Asidis
      04. Legowelt – Ferns From Draconis
      05. Bookworms – 360 Waves
      06. Unknown Artist – Journey I.
      07. Delroy Edwards – Feelings
      08. Xosar- Tropical Cruize (Delroy Edwards Remix)
      09. Marcos Cabral – Tio Rico
      10. Hassan – Merciful And Blessed
      11. Beau Wanzer – Jail Lock
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