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The Lavery Electric Automatic Phrenometer whirrs into action, August 1907.  It supposedly measured the activity of the brain, but in actuality it studied the bumps on one’s head with hopes to gain insight about their personality.  This is the portable version.  (from Getty Images’ book “Decades of the 20th Century–1900s” by Nick Yapp, scanned by WeirdVintage)



Haruo Nakajima and Momoko Kôchi on the set of Godzilla (Gojira), 1954 (via This Is Not Porn)



Lecherous fox and needy cow want your love this Valentine’s Day,  undated vintage valentine (via)



A comforting vintage valentine (via)


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    • By justanotheruser
      Album entirely recorded using archaic recording devices. 
      Any thoughts? 
    • By justanotheruser
      I would like to share with you, beautiful people, my very first album release: "ReconoɔǝЯ".
      The following is an attempt at creating a “palindromic” record, meaning that it can be listened to from both sides: “(..) an attempt to materialize the backs and forths of life (…) It is music without a starting corner, but it takes the idea of a corner and turns it into a circle. The idea of the beginning being repeated at the end and the end at the beginning…”.
      Entirely recorded using archaic recording devices, such as Sony TC250, Fostex X18, Walkmans, among them.
      Hope you guys enjoy it. Love you all ♥
    • By Lane Visitor
      A few years ago, I sought out to compose a piece of very generic and incredibly bland music with generic visuals for a fake ad that advertises nothing under the Julie Winters alias (used Windows Movie Maker for the vid). The track appears on a compilation I was asked to contribute to for a strange microgenre within the vaporwave  genre called "metrosong" that uses modern day ad music with techy, optimistic visuals to create a surreal take on modern corporate branding. I plan to do more of this stuff sometime, as its fun to do an original non-sampled take on it, like with my Donovan Hikaru alias.  

      link to the compilation released on Carboard Futures:  

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