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I don't think you want to know what's going on in there

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2 minutes ago, toaoaoad said:

This is going to be a good thread, I can feel it


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is it a chemical reaction or an irrational cosmic transcendence of the material realm.  maybe those are the same thing and material improvement is an act of transcendence.  but is love an improvement?  only to the extent to which it produces cooperative and mutually beneficial social behaviors.  in other scenarios, it's a detriment and an impediment to one's life and must be ended, with harsh mental consequences. it exists at a fulcrum point of evolution, one of the levers likely tweaked psychological significantly more heavily than others in social species.  all encompassing, it delves deep into everything from the lizard brain to the highest complexity portions of the brain and bends the will of the individual in one direction, a true golden prison in some cases, while the ideal goal is a prison where you have the key, in others you do not, time to die

i will never love again

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