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hi i'm the CEO of the universe AMA

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2 hours ago, dcom said:


2 hours ago, TubularCorporation said:

Octatrack 2 when?

2 hours ago, chronical said:

Why can't I do this yet? Eh???

1 hour ago, chim said:

Stop it! You know what I'm talking about 

1 hour ago, toaoaoad said:

Is this a drunk AMA?

1 hour ago, Berk said:

Fucking magnets, how do they work?

40 minutes ago, X4creek said:


38 minutes ago, cyanobacteria said:

shut it down

36 minutes ago, coax said:

why r u such a dick


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since all of this just started, i would like to acquire a large piece of real estate.... a habitable planet, means of transportation, 150 prime women and some scientists. please send papers to sign immediately

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21 minutes ago, ignatius said:

you suck at your job bro

i just hate all living creatures, is all. 

57 minutes ago, Silent Member said:

What is your favourite planet and why?

39 minutes ago, dingformung said:

how many tentacles do you have and why?

i think you both know the answer to that.


1 hour ago, manmower said:

What are some ideas for the universe that came up in board meetings but were rejected?


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6 minutes ago, brian trageskin said:

i just hate all living creatures, is all.

- why did u create them

- why did u create hate

- why did u create living/no-living

- why did u create "create"

- why did u create "why"

- what?


- interweb?

- weB?¿•○●□■

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