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hi i'm the CEO of the universe AMA

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                                                                           why is it now asymmetrical

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10 hours ago, zero said:

jokes aside, I hope you figure this shit out man. whatever caused you to go air b'n'b-ing in the first place I'm sure was not entirely positive. then all this pandemic shit has thrown a wrench into whatever mental game plans a lot of us had thought we had a grasp on.

I don't even understand exactly how I ended up where I am, because one different decision some 10-11 years ago, and I would not have the life I have now. not like I'm ballin' or nothin, but still. 

and for the record, I don't think ding is total troll. he has a lot of thoughtful things he says, but then likes to go into pee pee poo poo mode. but whatevs... because this is a platform where we can share a lot of stuff anonymously our brains are thinking, but not willing to share with people we know IRL. 

cheers man, i appreciate. yeah whatever happens next, as long as i've stopped shitposting on this forum, it's an improvement. 

nah ding is just a sad troll. too much weed and a bad breakup fucked up his brain. 

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Have u ever though about giving bezos one of those scrooge christmas carol tours?

Have him go to one of his factorys and  show him how poor jimmy has to poop in a bucket to reach his quota.

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18 hours ago, zero said:

@brian trageskin this new avatar you've selected is not working. I liked the last guy. he looked like a gentle soul. harmless. this new one is too aggressive. probably passive aggressive. you should consider changing it. 

btw, here are some other options i considered for my avatar 


all in all, could have been worse

gimme a hug man 


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