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3 hours ago, Enthusiast said:

Italy scoring goals and playing beautiful football. Not what was anticipated.

I think they’ll become more pragmatic as they start to progress in the tournament, but yes, they are playing some wonderful football. 
France’s team is like playing FIFA with a cheat code. The 1-0 score line flattered Germany. 

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I don't follow sports but the Finnish press surely selects the weirdest shots from the matches? The poses here look like they're from some Medieval drawing.


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21 hours ago, Shimon_Shimon said:

France do look good, so dangerous on the counter. Even though that Mbappé goal was offside, he looked class taking it. 


My mate had a bet on Mbappe scoring and assisting, and both times he did so they were offside lol

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17 hours ago, chenGOD said:

You can’t blame Sweden for being pragmatic. 
On the other hand, Turkey can go blow goats. 

Expected more from Turkey, thought we’d concede a late goal, then when the 2nd Wales goal went in this entire street erupted.

Think we’d give anyone a proper game currently.



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England are so good they are already through. Amazin'. 

All the best to Scotland tonight. I'd like to see then go through. They played well against England, they were the better team. It's a shame about Gilmour. I think I'll be watching this game tonight. 

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