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Your top 5 favorite electronic artist?

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My choices are as expected here as to not be worth mentioning... but you know who doesn't get enough love?  Funkstorung.  Everything they did that wasn't ruined by the wrong vocalist is absolutely top notch.  Their production chops were second to none.

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On 6/27/2021 at 6:47 PM, perunamuusi said:




Solomon Angelo


well just really started digging eod/CN discography. wow I was really missing out on this one

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I always forget about DJ Metatron / POD/ DJ Healer/ Traumprinz etc

He's in there at number 5 (sorry Mr Jenkinson)

also just found out about Ibiza which is another alias 

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1. Davy Gueta

2. Richar claydemon

3. Los del tacos Macarena

4. Gangam style

5. Bony M

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