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Eli Keszler - Icons

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01. All the Mornings in the World 6:42
02. God Over Money 3:37
03. The Accident 4:37
04. Daily Life 2:36
05. Rot Summer Smoothes 2:53
06. Dawn 5:34
07. Static Doesn’t Exist 6:01
08. Late Archaic 3:45
09. Civil Sunset 4:03
10. Evenfall 6:44
11. We sang a dirge, and you did not mourn 2:27

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Posted (edited)

Picked this up this week, along with the first album. Very impressed so far, not sure why I slept on first release. Finding this an immersive album, something to get lost in. Brilliant opening track and enjoying Civil Sunset a lot too. 

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Posted (edited)
16 hours ago, cear said:

03. The Accident 4:37

reminds me of Freeman, Hardy & Willis Acid. regardless... nice tune. 


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    • Guest iep
      By Guest iep
      so this guy hasn't released much. still waiting for his 2nd album! should be on warp soon-ish.
      i've been following since pretty much the start and there's so many obscure gems buried in his stash!
      massively underrated and massively out of print are his Heralds of Change joints, done with mike slott, already 5-6 years ago now:
      show some love..
      also heard he's doing a project with erykah badu at the moment.
      stoked to see him play soon, for the fourth time already in amsterdam! he used to live here., and heard him say he still reckons it's the best place to play.
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      I bought this and it's really excellent. Recommend getting on it if you liked his album.
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      By Guest iep
      obscure project by Hudson Mohawke and Ciorsdan Brown. they have only one EP on luckyme records but it's hotttt.
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