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Bigeneric - Helva

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Bigeneric is one of those hugely underrated artists who have been around forever, making immense and immersive earworms.  This double album is more ambient in nature to a lot of his other stuff, but just as essential. 

FYI - There is also a 2xcd/4xLP set available from the usual vendors.  

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Treci Mjesec is his essential album from the 90s. Speilmanda more recently. All on his Bandcamp.

Honestly all of it is fascinating listening. This new one has huge dimensions.

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6 minutes ago, Extralife said:

I should mention that he released an underrated gem on Rephlex as Synectics.

The Purple Universe is one of the RePHLeX releases I still return to every now and then, it's brilliant. Should get the semi-recent 2xLP repress, I have the original CD and vinyl and the 12" with Free Sphere and Natural (The Ono [i.e. Gregory Fleckner Quintet of Clear fame] track on the other side is also very good).

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Oh cool, Helva is actually an Inzec release, i.e. Repetto's own label, I have some of the early releases on it and thought the label had been scrapped years ago.

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