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On 7/19/2021 at 10:10 AM, usagi said:

yeah so anyway, delta has its hooks in Australia at the moment and our shitty failed vaccine rollout (like 10% of us are covered atm) has ensured that in NSW/Sydney at least we're going to be locked down for the foreseeable future. in a country where most under-40s have to kill someone to get vaccinated, an entire year at a prestigious private boys school jumped the queue and "accidentally" got pfizered, and NSW's health minister said "so what?". in Sydney, cops are out in force in our ethnic areas to make sure darkies read the rules, while no such enforcement is on show in the more affluent eastern suburbs where this bullshit always starts. essential tourists such as Katie Hopkins and Caitlyn Jenner have been flown in under special exemption for their "value to the economy" aka Big Brother, not long after Aus citizens in India were prohibited on pain of incarceration from returning to the country. Katie, who I mentally picture as a kind of Mother Superior to British covid denialists and quacks, didn't last long, so we got that goin' for us.

let the good times roll on.


Why the hell did you send Katie Hopkins back? Shirley you could have "accidentally" sent her somewhere more exciting like Uranus

5 hours ago, usagi said:



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1 hour ago, Soloman Tump said:

Why the hell did you send Katie Hopkins back? Shirley you could have "accidentally" sent her somewhere more exciting like Uranus

I believe it's a Brexit trade deal condition that Britain's original nuttahs must remain in Britain.

anyway if you do get a chance to expel her from the earth yourself, pls be sure to emblazon OI JUST DO ONE, MATE on the side of her space rocket for the rest of us.

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5 minutes ago, usagi said:

I believe it's a Brexit trade deal condition that Britain's original nuttahs must remain in Britain.

anyway if you do get a chance to expel her from the earth yourself, pls be sure to emblazon OI JUST DO ONE, MATE on the side of her space rocket for the rest of us.

We should crowd fund her a seat on the next Jeff Bezos or Richard Branson flight, and keep our fingers crossed

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Methadone users may have better protection against Covid

Numbers of infections in people in treatment for heroin addiction far lower than expected

about 14 hours ago

Patients in treatment for heroin addiction appear to be far more resilient to Covid-19 than initially believed, with researchers suggesting drugs such as methadone may protect against the disease.

At the start of the pandemic last year it had been assumed Covid would disproportionately impact drug addicts due primarily to their associated health problems.

However, according to new Irish research Covid rates have been much lower than expected among people receiving opiate agonist treatment (OAT), a therapy which uses methadone or similar drugs to treat opioid addiction.

Of the 565 attendees at the HSE’s National Drug Treatment Centre (NDTC) in inner-city Dublin, none displayed serious illnesses indicative of Covid and none died as a result of the disease throughout the first three waves of the pandemic.

Antibody tests were carried out on a subset of patients, comprising 103 people. Researchers found only two patients (1.9 per cent) had contracted Covid-19 despite several more patients reporting close contacts with a Covid sufferer. An “equivocal” Covid result was found in a third patient.

The prevalence of Covid in the general population in Dublin was almost double at 3.1 per cent, according to a separate study conducted in the previous month.

“The expectation that Covid-19 would spread rapidly through the OAT population did not materialise here or elsewhere,” the authors concluded.

The results of the study, which was carried out by researchers at the NDTC and published in the Irish Journal of Medical Science, tally with larger international studies.

“Despite an estimated 654,000 opioid users in Europe receiving OAT, most health professionals surveyed did not report cases,” the researchers said, while those that did reported them in very low numbers.

Another Dublin-based study of homeless drug-users also showed an “unexpectedly low incidence of Covid-19 and no deaths”, the authors said.

The NDTC study was carried out between July and October 2020, during which Ireland experienced two waves of the disease.


Researchers postulated that medications such methadone and buprenorphine, which are used as therapeutic substitutes for heroin, may have a “protective effect” against Covid.

The two patients who did test positive for Covid were on low dose of methadone at the time, and their symptoms quickly resolved.

The study said it is also possible the cohort had a low level of exposure to the disease. However, researchers added that NDTC patients were at a broadly similar risk compared to other Dubliners and “at a theoretically higher risk due to routine sharing of drug paraphernalia, cigarettes, and masks and personal challenges in maintaining social distancing”.

Public health measures such as providing hotel accommodation for homeless people could be responsible but they do “not fully explain” the low levels of Covid amongst people in treatment for heroin addiction.

Instead of Covid-19, the authors said the main risks to this group during the pandemic was “increased risk of drug overdose due to changes in service delivery and drug market changes”.

The study called for more research into the possible protective effects of opioid-substitution therapy.


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Yeah, the junkies have been spared over here as well. I'm a bit sceptical of shooting up heroin, but hey it seems to work and no 5g chip or other vaccine side effects..


j/k, although the bit about the junkies is true.

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Is the COVID vaccine rollout the greatest public policy failure in recent Australian history?

Is the Morrison government’s COVID vaccination rollout program one of Australia’s biggest ever public policy failures?

As COVID-19 infection numbers in locked-down Sydney show little sign of abating and Victoria extends its fifth lockdown, the prospect of life resuming some level of normality appears distant.

In recent weeks, we have learned more about the flaws in the federal Coalition government’s vaccination program. There’s the failure to procure sufficient vaccine and an accompanying over-reliance on the AstraZeneca vaccine. The complications with rolling out the latter have exposed the shortage of supply of the Pfizer vaccine.

While other international leaders personally lobbied Pfizer executives for supplies, Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Health Minister Greg Hunt were inexplicably passive.

Then there is the sluggish pace of the “it’s not a race” vaccine rollout, particularly among vulnerable people, such as aged and disability care residents, and frontline health workers. Only 13% of Australia’s eligible population (those aged 16 and above) are fully vaccinated, while 35.3% are partially vaccinated. That’s a long way short of the goal of a fully inoculated adult population by October 2021, as initially promised.

Exacerbating these problems has been the lack of an effective public education campaign about the vaccine. This has left a vacuum, which anti-vaxxers and the vaccine-hesitant have filled.

Fallout from a shambolic vaccine rollout

Public confidence in the government’s handling of the vaccine rollout has sharply diminished. The latest Newspoll shows disapproval of the rollout jumping 11 points to 57%.

The policy missteps, which have Australia languishing at the bottom of the OECD for the proportion of its population that is fully vaccinated, have elicited a rising chorus of condemnation.

Some of the criticism comes from usually supportive sources, such as right-wing commentators Janet Albrechtsen and Miranda Divine.

Former Coalition prime minister Malcolm Turnbull claimed recently he couldn’t recall “a more black and white failure of public administration” than the vaccine program. Historian Frank Bongiorno declared the rollout “the worst national public policy failure in modern Australian history”.




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although i have to say that paul's argument isn't far fetched either. grants were given to that lab for types of experiments where virusses are allowed/made to evolve. Even though the grants had nothing to do with experiments on virusses related to covid, it was an investment in the kind of research which might prove to be problematic in the context of covid.

i can understand both perspectives, tbh. and both have a core of truth to them, i believe. this is not an either/or thing as far as im concerned. but the emotional response from fauci didn't help him to make his case, imo.

i'm sure people will slash me for this, but that's how it can go in life i guess.

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1 hour ago, ilqx hermolia xpli said:

seems good on the surface but is really just a bandaid over the root cause of misinformation and conspiracy theory spreading

Its a start. Firmer stance is needed. 

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Life expectancy in the U.S. fell by 1.5 years in 2020, the biggest decline since at least World War II, as the Covid-19 pandemic killed hundreds of thousands and exacerbated crises in drug overdoses, homicides and some chronic diseases.

Provisional data released Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that American life expectancy dropped to 77.3 years in 2020, roughly the same level as in 2003, erasing years of hard-won gains in the nation’s public health. It was the largest single-year decline recorded since 1943. It isn’t entirely clear what caused the drop that year, when the U.S. was fighting World War II.


Life expectancy won’t recover to pre-pandemic levels in 2021, Dr. Arias and other population-health experts said, and could decline again if a new Covid-19 variant emerges that vaccines don’t protect against, some said. The highly transmissible Delta variant of the virus has pushed cases, hospitalizations and deaths up again recently, particularly in parts of the country where vaccination rates are low.

The full toll of the pandemic has yet to be seen, doctors and public-health officials said. Many people skipped or delayed treatment last year for conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure and endured isolation, stress and interruptions in normal diet and exercise routines.


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