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Carbon Based Lifeforms -- Stochastic


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from their FB page:

Music for passive listening to enhance creativity
Written and performed by machines, guided by humans. 

Digital release: 1 Sept
Physical release: TBA

+ some youtube samples:


According to the third video, it'll be a 10-track ambient album. Seriously looking forward to this, as Twentythree is probably one of my absolute favorite records by them (and one of my fav ambient releases ever). Hyped.

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more info, from their FB page:

"What started as an experiment grew into a concept for an entire album. By exploring the random functionalities on some synthesizers we had not used for a while, we found sequences that were best suited for passive listening whilst not stealing focus. It appeared as if the randomness kept our minds focused and relaxed at the same time.

For a few weeks we listened to the tracks over and over for hours while coding, emailing, packing and other tasks and found them very stimulating.

We defined the sounds, harmonies and the frequencies of the random pulse generators and then let the synthesizers perform the actual tracks. Sometimes by using randomly generated sequences, sometimes by looped and randomly modulated envelopes."

Track list:

  • 1. 6EQUJ5 13:34
  • 2. Holding Time 10:03
  • 3. Hello from the children of planet earth 10:48
  • 4. Probability Approaches Infinity 09:38
  • 5. Stókhos 07:33
  • 6. Mycorrhizal Network 07:45
  • 7. Delsjön 06:33
  • 8. Sphere Eversion 07:32
  • 9. Eigenvector 13:35
  • 10. Finite State Space 08:21
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Sounds like some cool methodology behind the production and inspiration for this one. And I can certainly understand the comparison between them and Global Communication, they have some pretty solid stuff in their career, great atmospheres but not totally beatless.

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