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I have compiled a collection of tracks as a digital download to Bandcamp, spending the past few days sorting out and thus cleansing my hard drive.

These are orphans from past projects, early live demos, alternative compilation tracks and things that didn't fit elsewhere, but all things that I consider "finished" and not just any old crap.....

Here you will find a couple of longform drones, some harsh percussive pieces, a gross noise thing, a suite of tracks previously aired with video on a live stream and a manipulated field recording.  I will add to this compilation in the future. 

I also included my track "Imbibilence" which I wrote following the passing of Salvatorin. 

I now feel better placed to move on to new things.  Appreciate any feedback if you get a chance to listen.

Looking for opportunities of split / label / compilation releases going forward!

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Today I released a split 3" cdr alongside Lee Riley from Oxford. Intense sonics, noises and drones which fit together quite nicely.  4 tracks at just over 20 minutes total.
Really happy with how this one turned out - seeing Lee perform live years back was part of the catalyst for me deciding to start doing it myself. So it's his fault. Digital is pay what you like.


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