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Phoenecia - MD.SLVG

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New Phoenecia (Rom + Josh) coming on my label Megastructure_

Special super limited minidisc release up for sale as well. Only 50 copies. Releasing September 14!

hope you all enjoy :)





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Holy moly. Not expecting this.

So this is remixed live material? Or new stuff?

Either way, I’ve been waiting a long time for something new from them. Psyched.

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Amazing news!!! Not listened to the 1st track yet...but no need to, insta buy for sure & pre order in. The only question is do I wait for full thing to be out to listen 🤔

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On 8/22/2021 at 1:43 AM, Hail Sagan said:

Sounds like OP did the artwork for this as well? Shit is killer.

thanks! the fractal imagery is me but the layout etc is done by my good friend Janina Schuetz. I've worked with her on many of my own releases

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oooh yeah !,   straight ahead : turning volume up, laying down and listening :smile:

(remembering I was lucky having them live in hometown back in the early 2000's, the line up was ace : Kit Clayton + Pole + Phoenecia.)

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Outstanding return but the sad reality is that I’m still too ape-brained to take in 15+ minute songs with any sort of regularity. It’s a formidable barrier to entry for some reason. I feel like I gotta make a commitment and set some time aside just to listen to it which is delusional. I’ll give it re-listens on some longer bike rides, maybe then I can start to process and grown to appreciate it more. Or maybe I’ll just start drinking cheap beer and listening to arena rock instead. I don’t know. 

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    • By Extralife
      The Schematic resurgence continues.  This time with a huge comp of tracks from across their label, but uncredited.  Bold emphasis is mine -- looks like we are getting some of the first new (old?) Phoenecia material in years!  Tons of great tracks on this from everyone involved though.
      https://schematicmusiccompany.bandcamp.com/track/--3 -- clearly a Soul Oddity remix.  Slammin.
      A very specieal thanks to our very spacial friends in non specific order:
      Ghroth, Icky Reels, Wake, eDad, Dim Past, Enix, Black Ant, Crtl+Opt, Ed Matus, Sky Tucker, Greg Beato, Breaker 1 2, Crash Course In Science, Sharlyn Evertsz, Joe Lentini, McConville, Brook Chills, Juan Telway, Terminal 11, Hydroplane, Ghostwerk, Proswell, Jake Mandell, Jeswa, o9, Team Doyobi, Phoenecia , Ossa, Donato Dozzy, Soul Oddity, Nomadic, & Takeshi Muto
      (and also their digital discog is currently 90% off - 31.99 for the whole shebang)
    • By Goiter Sanchez
      This just came out on Schematic a day or two ago and it is solid! Classic iddems sounds (apparently made by a fellow from Cairo).

      01 - Freq001
      02 - 1994
      03 - Cutoff V3
      04 - Crack Cake
      05 - Freq009
      06 - Vetamine K
      07 - Nnone
      Here's one of the tracks, on the album as 'Cutoff V3':

      Available for stream/purchase here: https://schematicmusiccompany.bandcamp.com/album/freq-255
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