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Same here: I was initially thought about the psychedelic genesis of the bats, then the twist: the bats are already included in the world, and I am looking at a gloomy apology to conformism  

:sorcerer:  :cerious:

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6 hours ago, AnwarAutokino said:

cool combo

i kind of wished the dude would end up deciding to keep his wings though 😞

terrible message... just fit in, don't be ambitious, everything will be ok!

The message is alright, the mice didn't try to fit in despite failure, followed the ambition to success and got to the individual conclusion that family is more valuable.


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I'll have to relisten them to some time soon, but dang if Anti and Anvil Vapre hold up much much more for me than do Incunabula and Tri Repetae.

But I haven't listened to Amber or Garbage in a long time though I remember enjoying both a bunch. Vletrmx is the stuff of legend.

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