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Vintage SAW II Shirt

Rubin Farr

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Weird... so the front has the logo from ON, the disjointed Aphex Twin logo from SAW II and then the back says "Selected Ambient Works" in the font from SAW I, but then has the "piechart" icons from SAW II


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    • By Bertolt Brechtakt
      Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Selected Ambient Works II, I revisited the seminal 2nd album by Aphex Twin. Talking about Aphex' way of transcending genres and of being a real diehard.
    • By logakght
      Hey, hope you can help me.
      I'm about to buy a shirt with a custom design. I already have the obligatory Aphex logo shirt, and I think it's time to get a new one.
      The color of my shirt is kinda like http://www.colorcomb...FFFCC-hex-color (a bit darker)
      I was thinking that the cover of Autechre's Draft 7.30 could look good, or, putting in a simple way, the BoC logo...
      Please, I need some other designs to consider, since I really don't see album art and that stuff, I'm really not sure of what to do...
    • By Macca
      "Artist: Solvent
      Title: RDJCS5-ep
      Label/Cat: Suction Records / suction022
      Format: 4-song EP digital/lim.12" vinyl
      Release Date: Sept. 6, 2011
      A1: Curtains
      A2: Radiator
      B1: Mould
      B2: Tassels
      B3: Sandpaper [vinyl-exclusive]
      Occasionally one reads about some musical instrument with an illustrious past, Jimi Hendrix's guitar, John Lennon's piano, selling for exorbitant amounts of money at auction. And typically, that's the last of it, the instrument disappearing into some rich collector's display case, never to be heard from again. Here then, is a bit of a different story. In April 2006, a Yamaha CS5 monosynth, having been owned by Richard D James (Aphex Twin), with the actual liner notes for his landmark "Selected Ambient Works Volume II" etched into the bottom, was sold at VEMIA auction for approximately $1200 - a bargain in retrospect. The winning bidder was, in fact, a friend of Solvent's, and the synth resides not in a display case, but in Solvent's studio, on generous long-term loan.
      "RDJCS5", a new 4-track 12-inch / digital EP by Solvent, is the result. This is Suction022. Each and every sound on this record came from RDJ's old CS5, painstakingly programmed and multi-tracked by Solvent over the course of several months. The limited capabilities and sound palette of this humble little synth provided quite a challenge, but ultimately the results are not merely an exercise in technical synthnerdery; "RDJCS5" speaks more of Solvent's musical kinship to thee Analord. Opening track "Curtains" bears similarity to early Rephlex signing Bochum Welt, while "Radiator", "Mould", and "Tassels" each contain hallmarks of the classic AFX sound. At the same time, each track also sounds distinctly and unmistakably 'Solvent'.
      The 12" vinyl edition is limited to 300 copies, in brown chipboard sleeve with sticker, and also contains an additional noise/drone piece at the end of side B. Entitled "Sandpaper", this cut will be individually hand-etched by Solvent, for a 1-of-a-kind cut/click/loop experience.
      previews sound interesting.....
    • By morgang
      Live in it
    • By Lane Visitor
      So, I've been listening to SOSW a lot lately, and I was thinking that Quino-Phec really sounds like something that could have/should have been on SAW II (although I love it as the last SOSW track and I think it completes the beautifully eerie album quite nicely). I just wonder if Quino-Phec used the same gear/synthesis/process that many of the similar SAW II tracks used, and/or if it was made around the same time, like maybe came from the same batch of tracks? I know someone mentioned that one of the On remixes has a similar feel. Any thoughts on this?
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