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Ice Cold Brostep Bass Mix


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Ice Cold Soundcloud Link

I'm looking for support/interest/enjoyment of a mix I spent a lot of time on the past couple months. I know this message board is probably partial to this style of music but I tried to make it as tasteful as possible. There's another mix up on my page the WATMM'ers would probably like more which has a more wide variety of tunes including a nice IDM bit towards the end (The Rated E For Algorhythm Mix). But today I'm promoting this dubstep in hopes people here will keep an open mind and find some interesting sounds! You know the drill, slap a like and follow on Soundcloud and I'll check out your page in return. I also have 170+ original tunes uploaded. Ty and bless up my twiddlers!

Here's the full track list


00:00 Resonant Language - sys cal01
00:27 Blank Banshee - Eco Zones
00:27 Hullabalo0 - CRUSHED
02:17 Ultrasloth - Dingo Bingo
04:53 Kromuh - Squeakerbox
05:54 VCTRE - Dethroned
07:06 kLL sMTH - Shtuff
08:38 Detox Unit - Crusty Ass Bootleg Promo Mix [Shortened Edit]
08:45 AOL - Goodbye
11:01 MISSIN - Pressure Point
12:07 TOFAVirtual - Tryptamine
13:57 DRRTYWULVZ - We'll See
15:13 bd hbt x leet - The Big Festival Banger
16:25 Freddy Todd - MaddFuncc
17:46 EPROM & G-Jones - Daemon Veil
20:50 Igorrr - Robert
21:26 Tipper - Fleas and Itches
22:58 Easyjack - Hybrid
24:10 Mindex & kLL sMTH - Alexlthymia
27:41 Klinical Waes - Framed
29:06 Sixis - Empty Form
33:00 tiedye ky - Maintaining It All
35:09 MeSo & Trigem - SPLOOSH
36:39 M.E. SWANK - Parched
38:14 ST4RFOX - Orbits McTankworm (feat. 5am, Zimbu, Asteroids & Earthquakes)
41:17 JKuch - Zest
43:51 Document One - Bump The Sound
46:25 Osmetic - Tech Rolla
47:59 K.L.O - Kan Skit (feat. Kursa, Lone Drum & Osmetic)
49:28 capshun & Quiet Bison - Acai Tower
52:19 AleJo & E Lovasz - Cristopher Kalimboss
53:51 MYTHM - Clash
56:27 Shades - Iron Sharpens Iron
58:32 Cnopes & mlotik - Shudbezzz

Mixed by Ryan Stark
March - August 2021
Minimal Ableton Warping using EQ, Gain and Fade to Grey


Edited by rstark
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