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100% generative composition, unedited.

I'm currently putting Tidal Cycles on stand-by, and I'm investigating what can be done with Architect, by Loomer, which is an astonishingly deep yet intuitive alternative to Max, dedicated to MIDI. This is my first week using it, so I'm beyond excited when imagining all I can do with it.

Synths : Hive 2 (kick) and Bazille (synth) into LX-480 (reverb). Quick master with Unisum / Kelvin / TEOTE / Elephant.

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Thank you Sir, glad you like it ! All FM goodness, not a filter involved in the melodic patch (but it definitely sounds very similar indeed).

Out of curiosity, I've tried to export the tune several times, without any modification whatsoever... and I'm in awe with the countless variations on the melody I get with each export, some being definitely more pleasant and expressive than others, while a few were getting super abstract. Fascinating stuff really.

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