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Plonie [Electro,Acid]


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Here's the latest track I'm working on. Kinda electro, acid, idm ish [give it a name], made with Renoise, sub37, P10, blofeld and 303.

Still working on the mix a bit, so not mastered or anything.

Please leave some. Id like to know how the mix sounds, as I'm still have to get used to the sound in my new studio.





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On 10/3/2021 at 11:43 PM, Dementia said:

Solid. I would cut the transition part at 2:20 to 8 measures or bring the bass line back in after 8 measures. Feels like it loses too much steam.

Thanks for listening and your fweedback! I do like the intermezzo but i get what you mean. I might have to add some more suspense to that break becuase it is quite long!

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