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Realtime Audioreactive Pointclouds (Ableton Live + TouchDesigner)

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    • By justanotheruser
      Hello everyone!
      Been working for quite a bit in a way to transform image into sound, and came up with a hopefully-interesting idea.
      In this tutorial you’re going to learn how to transform RGB data into MIDI in TouchDesigner, and feed it to Ableton Live:
      I’ve also uploaded both project files and the final Ableton session for all my patrons: https://linktr.ee/uisato
      Enjoy! 😄
    • By justanotheruser
      I’ve been kind of obsessed with oscilloscope music/drawing this past week. And kind of sad due to the fact that the cool analog ones that were being sold in my area were super over-priced or in terrible shape.

      That’s why I decided to build one in TouchDesigner (and I was able to include the so precious XY mode!)

      What you’re hearing in the first video is a segment of Jerobeam Fenderson’s “Planets”, track part of his amazing album “Oscilloscope Music”. And all the visuals you’re seeing are being generated by just using said track as an input for the oscilloscope built in XY mode. (Yes, Jerobeam is awesome)

      There’s still some room for improvement, but I’m quite happy with the “analog vibe” I managed to give the whole thing.

      PS: I’ve just uploaded a copy of Oscilloscope’s project file for all my patrons. Let the sonorous drawing begin: https://linktr.ee/uisato
    • By justanotheruser
      Hey, everyone! I've been experimenting for the past couple of months with different softwares and techniques and I'm super excited to share with you what's been achieved! 😄
      Hardware used:
      - PC running Windows 10 with Ableton Live 11 + TouchDesigner running on parallel
      - Kinect V2 
      Kinect-Controlled Drum Rack:
      Kinect-Controlled Voice FX Chain:
      Kinect-Controlled Guitar FX Chain:
      Kinect-Controlled Synth:
      What do you guys think? What would you like to see in the future with these kinds of experiments? I'm all ears! 
    • By justanotheruser
      My very first tutorial, ever. Hope you guys enjoy it. 
    • By Braintree
      So with all of the streaming going on, I've been looking to up my video skills. I found a decent Max for Live video plugin that should work fairly well.
      Is there any way of getting video output from Ableton Live? Specifically, out of Live and into OBS?
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