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New twitch channel (4utechre & au7echre)


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7 hours ago, nikisoko said:

you should get a password manager.

i'm more resistant to signing up because ive tried to systematically avoid social media. not sure this autechre feed is worth it but i'd like to see what they put up

..if you log into twitch just for the Rochdale Sonic Torment, I think the "social" aspect is very relative. ..  well I realize right now that twitch is actually a social lol

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highly unlikely, but can't shake off a tiny rest of hope that this might result in some kind of live setting with each chre streaming their parts seperately, would make for some major awesomeness imo.

speaking of which: when will the 2020 tour be made up for? i already got my 3rd shot godammit, let's go! no petrol for the tour bus? 😛

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1 hour ago, auxien said:

which one gets aute and which gets 'chre?

The hot one gets the aute and the mediocre one gets the chre (you decide which is which)


For those who missed:

During 4utechre streams Sean Anthony wrote that Robert John ("Rob") is open to doing twitch streams some time in the future.

edit: and that he will make a separate channel for it

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