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Tescon Pol - Object or Entity EP


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Allo, all!

I wanted to take a moment to share the news of our new EP, which we released via Bandcamp and the various streaming platforms on Friday: https://tesconpol.bandcamp.com/album/object-or-entity

Begun through file sharing in June of 2020 and finished, outdoors, in person, on the cool October evenings that followed, this project became more involved than we'd originally intended - primarily because it was conceived to be, like our self-released "4nineteen” micro-EP, comprised of very short sketches, but it developed an identity that we wanted to continue exploring. Five months, for us, is a relatively short period of working gestation, however, so perhaps we didn't stray too far from our intentions. File between The Andromeda Strain and The Outer Limits.

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