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Jlin - Embryo EP (December 10, 2021)

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Very welcome news, I love Ms. Patton's music to bits

Holy fuck the title track of this EP is fire; I sure hope the rest of the EP and that upcoming full length continue this footwork, IDM, techno fusion. Could be a late contender for within my shortlist of year favourites.

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    • By Skeletron
      The more I listen the more convinced I become that Jlin and RDJ are like best buds now. The beginning of abundance with the pitched rapid-fire polyrhythmic kalimba, claps and kicks is like something straight off of Black Origami. I love it. You can absolutely tell these two have been chatting and swapping works-in-progress over the past couple years.
      And I'm talking specifically Jlin, not footwork as a genre. I hear very little of the typical tropes like repetitive vocal samples found in earlier footwork releases e.g. Bangs & Works or Double Cup, though most of that shit is absolutely mental. Whereas any of Jlin's most recent output from Black Origami, w/ highly syncopated and experimental clean percussion samples, almost "post-footwork" or "footwork idm", would sit well beside any track on Collapse. It's like they're using a shared sound palette and approach to writing polyrhythm.
      E.g. Compare abundance with Carbon 7:

      Metrically I feel like Jlin tends to prefer triple meters, playing with hemiola, switching between 3/4 and 6/8 or layering the two almost to overuse, while RDJ is pretty firmly rooted in 4/4 with insanely intricate subdivisions. There's the "collapse" in T69 and that weird moment at 2:07 in pthex but hell if I can work out what's going on there.
      But on top of all that, the Primavera track a.k.a. MT1 was played on soudcloud during Mike Paradinas’ "An Hour of Jlin" mix for Bleep last year, credited as being by Jlin & Unknown. So Jlin and RDJ have at least been in contact and sharing tracks since then.
      Anyone else hear the similarities?
    • By KovalainenFanBoy

    • By Extralife
      ...just discovered on Aphex reddit

      36. Jlin and Unknown - Unknown (54:11)
      So...I'm wondering if the version in the Jlin mix by Mike P is her remix of new Aphex...or Aphex remix of Jlin...or collab?
    • By dr lopez
      Well Chicago friends I have to say this is lookin p good to me. Not the biggest actress guy (i mean the guy had a DJ mix put out on double LP... p clear which group that's pandering to) but I'm sure I'll enjoy myself. I'm really going for Jlin and Hieroglyphic Being who I'm sure will tear the fucking floor up. Hope to see some of you guys there!!
    • By usagi
      (I can't wait for the Spectrum Pulse review)
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