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Aphex Twin - #3 / Rhubarb (Ales Lace "Midnight Oasis" Rework)


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Hi everyone!

I'm a long-time lurker, first time poster here. Just wanted to share the first of a few electronic tracks I've been working on for my upcoming EP titled "Midnight Oasis", a short collection of reworks/remixes/complete reconstructions of some of my favorite artists' songs. This first one here is a full-bodied rework of a personal favorite, #3 by Aphex Twin. Thank you for listening and let me know what you all think!


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Read the rules

Also the "Read before starting a new thread !!!! " thread, don't just come in expecting feedback when you haven't given anyone else any (unless I am mistaken).

With that out of the way, cool rework, not relying on the original much, immersive from the start, was cool that you used that interview bit, neat drums and sounds very full to my noob ears, I like it.

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