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FSOLdigital Presents MIND MAPS 2 - Future Sound of London, Humanoid, Yage, Synthi A and More (Touched Music)

Touched Music

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Got my file copies of this today and I’ve got to say I think it’s one of the best things I’ve designed, so pleased with how the design has evolved from MM1. 


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  • Rubin Farr changed the title to FSOLdigital Presents MIND MAPS 2 - Future Sound of London, Humanoid, Yage, Synthi A and More (Touched Music)

Lovely time in the chat there, everyone. Here's my annotated tracklist

John Tejada and the Bee (FSOL Remix)
Remix of an EXM track
Humanoid track, acid stuff

Then there's a run of tracks as heard on the Touched show in June:
In Solitude We Are Least Alone, alt mix
Alina Kalancea / Yage collaboration
Crackly textures... water or fire? Really creepy voice sample "When the sun emerges from the darkness... your time will pass"
Melancholic synth pads with answerphone message, brief interlude
Synth arps, staggered beats, dark and very intense

Heogen - Shall We Go There (Yage Remix)... lovely melodic downtempo track
EBS5-esque spoken sample
FSOL + Dan Pemberton - Long Green Field
Sol A r Skies (Alt version)
IDM track, some tempo changes, mad breaks
Answerphone message of someone shouting 'oi' a lot

Another section from June's mix:
New SickOnes remix, slightly dnbish
Short ambient track... acoustic guitar and chanting
Old analogue rhythm machine, twinkly synth arpeggios, very '70s, early electronic krautrock in the Cluster vein

Twinkly synths with chunky lo-fi IDM beats
Answerphone environment with synths
Apertures - Missing Skies
Guitar and answerphone track

Some final tracks from June's mix:
Sinister snaky flute loop with completely mad glitched-up beats on top
Quiet, melancholic synth loops with answerphone messages
Field recording... not much happening


I'll see if Yage is up for an AMA. I would imagine the answer will be no. 😉 



Oh, and of course this announcement at the end of the evening:

Environments Seven: Rituals, the first in the Environment Seven Trilogy, a thirteen track album coming in the first quarter of 2022.
Earthbeat 2LP reissue.
FSOLDigital.com will be offline for maintenance soon.

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Got my copies of MM2 and Earthbeat 30Y CDs delivered just now, surprisingly they came straight through without Finnish customs grabbing them for ransom, although they originated from the Brexit-handicapped UK. Delighted.

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