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[GOST017] Wulffius — "Sorang" LP


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Sorang, the debut album of Yalta native Wulffius, represents his work over the last eight years. The playful creature on the cover, Stone Eater, is based on childhood sketches of the producer's father. The album's name alludes to the first collection of his father's poems, which took its name from a short story by Konstantin Paustovsky, a master of nature writing in Russian prose. Sorang is the name of the south wind that "blows once in centuries," and you can hear its unique warmth in these tracks. There is a sense of wholeness here, a palpable style and atmosphere that permeates the individual pieces.

Wulffius creates what he refers to as "B-sides": something too strange to be danceable, with "complex ease" and rhythmical variety. The music has a charming serenity and beauty thanks to Wulffius' intuitive approach, which is childlike and whimsical in the best possible sense. By the way, Paustovsky wrote Sorang in an hour and a half at a speed writing competition. You can hear a similar spontaneity here, but make no mistake, this is the work of a master that has been crafted over a period of years. It all comes from experience.

Side 1
A1: Monotone in G minor
A2: My Cosmic Synthesizer
A3: Frequency Piano Jam
A4: See That. Are That

Side 2
B1: Heels At The Pebble Beach
B2: Typ Sounds Deep
B3: Grape Bounce
B4: I Am Weird

music – Dmytrij Wulffius
mastering – Simon Davey
design – Dmytrij Wulffius
compilation – Flaty & Ildar Zaynetdinov
executive producer – Ildar Zaynetdinov

12" LP full-color sleeve.
November 19, 2021, Moscow, Russian Federation.

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