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Blawan - Woke Up Right Handed EP


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Some wacky, highly creative stuff on here. I think I still rate Many Many Pings as my favourite of his recent crop but this had some great things happening

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1 hour ago, dcom said:

Elaborate, please. With links, if available.

he (legally) DJ'd at a New Year's Eve party in Kiev last year with COVID in full swing, complained he got stuck at the airport "due to Brexit", then doubled down when people got mad at him


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Americans--who will come to Detroit to go see him at Movement? Euros get him frequently but it's not often that he's stateside. Hit me up if you want to fart on some bleachers. 

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Gave this another couple of runs today. Really great EP. Hopefully he makes more tracks in the style of the last one, such a killer tune.

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