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Dubler 2: a plugin that lets you use your voice to create melodies and your beatboxing skills to drum (on sale tomorrow)


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I just bought this on sale for Black Friday. It starts tomorrow, but if you enter your email it'll send you a link to buy it a day early. It's not cheap but I was instantly sold when I saw how accurate it was.

I've only had an hour to play around with it, and I'm already loving this so I felt since it's on sale I'd share it with WATMM. I'm decent at beatboxing and not really that good at even humming in tune, but it will train notes/pitches to your voice and helps you fill in the gaps. Since I can't play piano much this I can tell will be awesome for getting ideas down quickly without having to sing badly into my phone to try and decipher later.

The samples on the main page on the website are accurate to my experience so far. I'll probably post some sketches when I've played around with it enough.



Make more of the music you love, without having to worry about how to get your ideas into your DAW. Dubler 2 transforms your voice into a real-time MIDI controller, allowing you to write music at the speed of thought. If you can sing it, beatbox it, hum it, or whistle it— now you can play it.

Their youtube channel with tutorials and showcases: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfR3KjCz7UAI_2J7S_wn1Xw

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Huh. Neat. 


Does it handle pitch bending with regards to whistling or singing? I tried some midi guitar thing and it was clunky but fun. Did not do gliding at all. That's one of the things that seems to be the thing I want to mess with the most sometimes with programming melodies and leads. the input being a voice lets you do so many cool pitch bends and portamento stuff on the fly vs programming it in. I'd imagine thats hard to suss out reliably lol 

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On 11/25/2021 at 9:01 PM, user said:

As a person that gets their musical results from process, not talent or ideas, this makes me feel threatened and angry. Also apologies for this post.


Yeah, it's better to not look at any new gear that comes out, because you'll just feel like you have wasted so many years mastering the blade and fighting with crappy tools to get your ideas recorded somehow (while never being completely happy). And then some kid or non-technical person comes along and beats you in your own game.


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That said, I really like how the drummer (Chiminyo) uses that tool. I have been playing drums on and off with a guitarist for a long time and we never could find a bass player or whoever, so in theory I could use this to hum some bass lines while playing drums.

Hell, I should just try out the trial, I got a SM56 laying around.

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