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Olli Aarni - Värejä hangella


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The title is Värejä Hangella, Finnish for "colours on the snow blanket". The track names are

  1. Valaistu Latu = illuminated ski track
  2. Flipperi Uimahallin Aulassa = a pinball machine in the lobby of a swimming hall
  3. Kuivaa Asfalttia Katoksessa = dry asphalt/pavement under the canopy/shelter
  4. Nokoset Bussissa = a nap on the bus
  5. (Same as 3).
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  • auxien changed the title to Olli Aarni - Värejä hangella

nice, thanks dcom. it irked me posting the title knowing it wasn't correct but i was on mobile and couldn't get a copy paste for the odd characters. fixed now with a BC embed!

and thanks for the translation, i'm sure i'd have never known. i like the title a lot. 

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