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2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar

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I was gonna say this a few days ago, then a few hours ago but I’m definitely gonna say it now. This is an unbelievable fantastic World Cup!

C’mon Holland 🇳🇱 

(though BBC commentator Jonathan Pearce is fucking diabolical)

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2 hours ago, milkface said:

Saw the score recently against Brazil too and was so surprised! Happy for France as well.

hehe yeah and there's a chance that France will meet with Croatia in the finals, again 🙂

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21 minutes ago, dr lopez said:

its true tho. fuck them. have always been whiny dirty bastards

It was striking earlier in the tournament to see central / south american teams play teams like Canada or Japan or South Korea.  Central / south americans flopping & rolling every time they're breathed on while Japan / S. Korea players doing their best to actually stay upright and continue the play after tackles.

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On 12/14/2022 at 9:36 AM, scumtron said:

I hope Messi finally gets his trophy. 🥰

hate this narrative, "Messi wants to win the world cup." boring and uninteresting. doesn't every other player want to do that? why does messi "deserve" this trophy more any one else? This is a team sport, and no one player deserves anything more than anyone else, even if they are absolutely spectacular players like Leo. 


very ready people on twitter to stop talking like edward said when they're watching the wc

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Exciting game, though I hate to see it end on PKs.  I do think Argentina had the better quality goals overall, especially their second, though Mbappe's non-PK goal was an amazing strike.

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On the whole, Arg was the better team, but after a while I got annoyed so much by the argentinian display of fakery in battles, I was wildly supportive of France. The ref could have given a couple of yellows for the argentinian fakeries. Or what its called. Schwalbe or sumsuch

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