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Can we get artists to drop the hardware for like a year and do only max/msp for the duration?


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Disclaimer: I might b a bit drunk

I was listening to this new weeknd stuff and knowing that opn was involved honestly made me depressed. How does one go from this.

to that??

Now something I have noticed and correct me if I'm wrong is that really talented artists that have touched daws and either go back to or embrace hardware keep making good music but not nearly as adventurous or engaging as when they used daws or mostly daws*. The best example of this (and I think I've been raving about this for years) is rdj. Sure syro is technically impressive yada yada but it simply doesn't touch the stuff he made on playerpro or using digital means on windowlicker.

And nobody touches ae unless they use the digital means (I know I know there are v talented people w hardware that come close but u get my point!)

So! I propose artists try dropping the hardware (for a timeperiod).. esp if they have peaked using daws previously.. and try it again! 

obv is a different story if u have been using hardware all ur life n stuff.

*(obv exceptions spusher, richard devine, ceephax etc)

So am I just ignorant? if so let me know 

Would b cool to hear rdj back on the trackers or similar that's my whole point

and y is opn doing these pop musics so sad




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I don't think it's 'the how' that has changed RDJ's results as he's used similar sequencing hardware for loads of different projects. I think he's just making the tracks that he wants to hear and he's evolving compositionally (which doesn't always result in better work...)

He used an Atari/Spectrum to sequence SAW I/Polygon Window (probably most of the Soundcloud dump and ep's/albums.) 

Think he used Roland MC-4 for the analord tracks where he was trying to make the best ever homemade acid jams.

And he was using a Cirklon (which is just a more musically advanced Atari) for Syro where he was trying to make electronic operas. 

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