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Alighted - Fold (self-released)


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My first encounter with Alighted, two original tracks and a Plaid remix, mastered by John Tejada. Recommended.


Los Angeles producer and Garden Broom label head McLean Macionis (aka Alighted) returns with a wonderfully compact 3-track EP titled Fold. Following the release of their debut Resurfaced EP (April, 2020). Alighted continues to build upon a rich display of unfastened dance music. What may seem minimalist in parts, is intrinsically woven into a dense yet breathable tapestry in sonic design that seems to play to Macionis’ strengths having worked extensively in television and film.

Opening with the title track we waltz through a rhythmically diverse foray that carries cinematic qualities, only ever a focal point in narrative—as the journey continues, we find ourselves teetering on the borderline of psychedelic colliding with a utopian euphoria hearkening to 90’s memoirs created under the influence of FSOL and early Andrew Weatherall productions.

Follow up track “MRY2,” decisively takes a darker tone; a late night walk through urban decay. A rumbling glitch of a sub bass swells this undercurrent as chopped and vocoder voices call out melodic cheers in jest. This track hits hard with its dissection in spliced and fractured audio; reminiscent of Andy Stott with a little less abrasiveness, yet still carrying a sense of mood.

To close, Alighted hands over the wheel of this transformative EP to Warp duo Plaid. Their take on the opening title track is a joyous and sweet marriage between what Alighted does well with a classic spin showcasing Ed and Andy’s signature compositions. Playful, fun and increasingly dynamic throughout this lands perfectly as the cherry on top of an already solid release. For extra sprinkles, Fold was mastered by the multi-talented John Tejada.

Igloo says things.

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