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Unit 21 - Reconnect 1994-2008 (Re:discovery)


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Dear listener,

On behalf of re:discovery records, it is with great excitement that we announce our latest release by Unit21 called "Reconnect". Unit21 is the code name for the veteran Swedish producer Tobias Gronvall. This release features 12 tracks from the years 1994-2008 that are finally seeing the light of day. We are very pleased to share them with you on our first re:discovery CD release. These tracks are a timeless mix of techno, ambient, idm, experimentalism with a dose of post-rave fist. This album is sure to conjure up comparisons to landmark 1990's releases from Speedy J, LFO or Luke Slater, certainly with their more IDM works. This album takes you on an sci-fi futuristic adventure thru the highs and lows of melodic techno to the deep valleys of emotion
and experimentalism. There is certainly an over-arching aggression and song like structures of these tracks that are 1990's techno to the core. Finding unreleased gems like these from the 1990s and from Sweden isn't something that happens to often these days as they used to. It's exciting to see great music that is still yet to be re:discovered. Tobias was heavily involved throught he process and was great to work with. As usual at re:discovery records, we want the artist to take the lead on the artwork and design if they would like and Tobias came through with some really cool looking artwork. It is our hope that this release brings you as much happiness as they have brought us. We wish to thank Tobias Gronvall for being so amazing to work with and helping these long lost tracks finally see the light of the day.

Previously unreleased and unheard tracks from Tobias Grönvall. Classic 1990s post-rave melodic and acidic techno with some trance overtones, CD only. It's a rare occasion when I agree with a release blurb, but the above comparisons are at least marginally correct. Highly recommended.

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