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The Night Monitor - Their Dark Dominion

Rubin Farr

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A new release from The Night Monitor (aka Neil Scrivin aka Phono Ghosts aka Meatbingo)


Release date March 4th, 2022


The blurb

'Their Dark Dominion' charts the haunted history of Clapham Wood in Sussex, a paranormal hotspot linked with tales of UFO sightings, mysterious disappearances, unexplained deaths, and dark worship.

In 1978, local investigator Charles Walker was contacted by a black magic initiate who claimed that the woods were being used for dark rituals and animal sacrifice by The Friends of Hecate - a secretive occult group whose number were said to include those at the highest levels in society.

“We will stop at nothing to ensure the safety of our cult!”

The soundtrack to an imaginary documentary or TV series circa 1987 - the year in which the area’s ‘demonic connection’ was severed by the great October storm - ‘Their Dark Dominion’ conjures digital synthscapes and swirling gothic guitar to invoke an ethereal atmosphere of supernatural menace.

Available on 180g transparent blue vinyl (150 copies) and digital formats.

Further reading:

The Unexplained 55 (Orbis 1981)
'The Demonic Connection' by Toyne Newton (Blandford Press 1987)
'The Dark Worship' by Toyne Newton (Vega 2002)



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