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OCD kicking in. i reread this:

On 5/20/2022 at 7:35 PM, brian trageskin said:

the concept i mentioned is interesting though, stacking thirds up or down a chord, regardless of its function.

and realized i've made a careless mistake. that's not what i meant. i meant the concept of removing the bottom note of a major or minor chord and playing the 3rd above the top note, and so on and so forth. i guess i made this mistake because as i mentioned earlier itt, if you keep adding 3rds in the opposite direction (below your chord), you'll get a new chord each time. but you won't get a new chord if you keep adding 3rds on top of your chord, you'll just get an extended chord. duh. 

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last post: 

the concept i was referring to is the act of moving up or down the circle of 3rds. yes, there is such a thing and i kinda feel stupid for not knowing about it until a few minutes ago. it is formed by alternating major and minor 3rds (i'm just quoting an article here). 


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i checked out the tonnetz for the 1st time and you can clearly see the cycle of 3rds on it. you just have to move through the grid like this (or in the opposite direction):


minor triads are the triangles pointing downwards, major are the ones pointing upwards. it's just a different way to visualize it. yes, i am bored to death.

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