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What's up with this alternative spelling of Autecher in this picture?


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"Autecher is a project of one young man from Kishinev (Chişinău)/Moldova, named Mark Autecher by his parents long before the famous British electronic duo Autechre appeared. In his music experiments Mark combines hard drone sampladelic … read more"


...and if you click read more it takes you to the Autechre page.




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Most likely (and least interesting) story is that it was just a misprint on some promo material or whatever, maybe some limited number of them out there as a collector's item (or obviously this guy had one because he's in the biz). But yeah my guess is misprint  :cerious:

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1 hour ago, MIXL2 said:

have we considered the possibility that this might be photoshopped 

it could be a typo that somehow got through to production and no one noticed, so now it's put up there for laughs or something

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On 2/3/2022 at 10:04 PM, MIXL2 said:
On 2/3/2022 at 9:39 PM, baph said:

My memories:

Autechre spelled Autecher until 1999

Skam released VHS Head's 3rd album in 2019


“What if I told you that the World you know is just an illusion, that none of this is Real”


Love & Light



                                    i remember                                    



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1 hour ago, Somanymachines said:

and I believe in France it is spelt Auetechqueaueuaereau.

More likely Oh-Tesh-ruh

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