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My Thursday morning drives to work are always ok because of this local radio program


I could seriously listen to classic dub all day. Here are some of my favorites, many of which are really "out there" with the effects and mixing...








8-bit dub...




from 1986!



Prince Jammy at the controls:




I find this one quite moving emotionally for a dub track. (I'm sure part of it has to do with the fact that I heard it for the first time when the DJ of the show I mentioned above played it in memory of his dog who had just passed away :cry: ):



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Sweet. Just got into Dub recently.


Already checked out some stuff by Scientist, King Tubby, Prince Jammy and Augustus Pablo,


Will be keeping an eye out on this thread.



I've put this one on quite a few times:



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triachus, I'd recommend perusing the playlists of these two Austin radio shows, Jamaican Gold and When Roots Attack They stream online too but don't upload podcasts (unfortunately)


I've heard so many gems on both shows, both DJs are insanely knowledgeable fans of dub, the mine both old records and compilations/reissues frequently. Jamaican Gold is heavier on rocksteady, lover's rock and roots reggae and When Roots Attack plays a lot more classic dancehall (so many riddims, so little time) and dub poetry. Both shows play 70s/80s dub extensively. I think it's impossible to get tired of the genre.

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