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Autechre. Live. Twentytwentytwo.


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9 minutes ago, mcbpete said:

WATMM mini meet ?

sounds like a good'un, I think there's some of the chatmm peeps gonna see if there can be a gathering at some point.
I've booked the whole day off work, so I can get into London pretty early etc

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4 minutes ago, X4creek said:

would it be dumb to expect anything after this announcement? for some reason i feel like a new record before/during the "tour" is possible

I think it's supposed to be the (delayed due to covid)  SIGN / PLUS tour actually, but who knows...

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7 minutes ago, toaoaoad said:

there was a fair bit of ink about how they had a great live set in the works (if I recall correctly)

yep, Sean did say,in the chat during his 2020 mixlr broadcast, "live set is 99% ready, we just have to make the intro"

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8 hours ago, Nil said:

Pretty sure we'll get a Lyon gig sooner or later :beer:

I hope so ! Rob pls, I'll bring the pains au chocolat !

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13 hours ago, dcom said:

Oh, and the Helsinki venue is about 2.5 times the capacity (1700) compared to OneSixteen (700).

Were you at the Helsinki onesix show? Was it packed?

Edit: sorry for the double post across pages

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