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Autechre. Live. Twentytwentytwo.


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1 hour ago, toaoaoad said:

We wouldn't want the literal hours of new AE to outshine the fact Richard only put out four tracks tho :emotawesomepm9:

i think we're all used to it. we're the only ones who matter. aphex is touring so he's fine. getting plenty of love. 

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it must also be said that the two outputs would be so similar that I, as I imagine many of you, would risk confusing them, and would no longer know who I am actually listening to

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2 minutes ago, jaderpansen said:


yeah, ian rly went the gaussian extra mile.

if i drift off and space out staring at that image it sort of fades in/out back/forth for me

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  • 4 months later...

these sets are fuckin wild. each moment is almost entirely understandable (if difficult) but the relation to the previous/next moment is always a bit tenuous. sometimes there's a throughline but often it feels like there's just not, there's just trails of delayed/reverbed things twisted and reformed, all of it growing all over itself. occasionally it can feel 'random' if you're not paying total attention to the music, which of course can be difficult for ~hour long chunks, but i doubt much if anything is done randomly. the logic's got a lot of layers to its trail and that breeds chaos, in a way.

these are kind of impenetrable it feels. the 14/15 sets felt massive but you could see them, grab them, yknow? a tall mountain, a deep forest, but it could be achieved. these are just something else. even in places like the more straight beat bits of London B and such, there's still so so much happening every second. just stellar stuff. everything growing and collapsing all at once. just insane these are, absolutely.

really hoping they tour North America for 2024. would love to experience a set from this era live, but the recordings are fuckin' great.


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