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Autechre. Live. Twentytwentytwo.


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On 5/12/2022 at 10:44 PM, zaizai said:

Just bought tickets for the Milano show at Terraforma !!

Feel hyped x10000 !

i will drive to Milano from Lyon, France. Tickets are 50€, so at less I don’t feel badly assaulted by the ticket fare. 
hmu if u r interested to join aboard

i Hope it will be a pitch black show, this villa has big interiors made to be deformed by rob and sean artistic skills and oblique sounds.




Ti will take place in the woods outside the villa !

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9 hours ago, ignatius said:

i'm really curious what this live set is gonna sound like. 

Preview of the first minute: bleep bloop clank ..... waaaaaaaaaaaaaauuugghghhhhhh .... bsshhh bhhhh bkzzzz griou boo bo clank bo clank (x4) ...... briauuugggghhhouuuwwwwwwww .. squijjjjj blonk squijjjj blkzzz

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If anyone, for any insane reason decide to sale his tickets to the London concerts, please PM me!
I am going to be in London for a rare visit exactly on those dates and I can't believe it's sold out.

If you have any recommendation for maybe where I might going to buy 2nd hand tickets please let me know
Huge thanks in advance

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Well , up to now, Ae shows pops up very sparingly since the first announcement.....

I really hope there will be one show I can go to.. :rolleyes:   (last time I saw them was the oversteps tour)

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