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Linear vs Non-Linear way of making music


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What do you guys think ae mean when they talk about conditionals? I'm imagining rules that are something along the lines of, is sample A plays and then sample B plays one beat later, then sample C plays 2 beats after that, but with enough of these rules that you can set of cascades of sound. No idea how max works though

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It's basically simple Boolean logic, isn't it? If - then - else constructions.

On the signal level, it can be as simple as a comparator that sends out a trigger once the amplitude goes above or below a threshold. Squarepusher mentions this technique in an old, German interview about Go Plastic:


On the Orville I built a synthesizer which permanently changes its signal flow, and partially also the modules, depending on logic circuits, levels or modulation sources. For instance, the tones that sound like a mix between delay and extreme time stretching were realised with a peak detector circuit. As soon as a loop falls between a threshold, the last segment of the loop is repeated, until the threshold is exceeded again. The length of the segment is decided by an average between level drop over time and the modulation sources. It would be too much to explain the algorithms and the logic elements, but you can hear it all on the album.

Boolean conditions are easy to implement in the modular world (including Max), with AND/OR modules, inverters, comparators, clock dividers, counters, ADSR envelopes generating End Of Cycle triggers, etc.

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14 hours ago, cern said:

Sorry my English is not so good. 

Max is a program, Ableton is also a program. Do you understand this? 
You don't need to use Max as standalone..  You can use Max inside of Ableton Live. Do you understand this?

What I don't like is the layout/graphic/interface whatever you call it in Ableton: Piano roll, sequencer layout, effect panel etc.. 

If you still don't understand me then I suggest you stop quoting me. 

Your English is great, I just have never heard anyone say ableton UI is terrible before. Maybe it’s not your thing, but I think it’s kind of indisputable that ableton has one of the fastest UIs of all time. 

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