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Works in progress - feedback welcome

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Here's a new song I'm working on. It's sort of like manically glitched-out, instrumental pop music. I fed a mono mix of all the tracks into a vocoder that's playing the same base notes as the main chord progression and use that as an effect at times.

I never know what to do with cartoon music like this. I feel like it could have lyrics on top of it but I don't want to add any.

What do you think?

Edit: removed the comedic glitch out at the end


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It's really midi sounding, and I don't know exactly how I'd go about that... maybe adding reverb and saturation and all that mixing goodness. I'm also not a fan of trumpet-y synth at 1:17. Maybe go with something moogier?

That being said it's a pretty adventurous composition, with loads of different sections which is great! I truly appreciate someone going this valiantly at such a complex song structure and kind of pulling it off.

Melodies are nice too and I'm also a big fan of the glitchy chaos that build up in the later half. Actually if you're thinking of something to do instead of vocals, you can try adding the melody again with different instrument. Or another melody that leads into the main melody (at 1:17, e.g.).

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@ArtificialDisco Thanks for the listen. I didn't get the notification about your reply so I'm just seeing it now  ?.

I ended up colliding it with two unsettling tracks to create a weird effect. End result: https://summonexe.bandcamp.com/track/ded-m-nz-swit. I kept the cheesy synths because I thought they became more interesting when juxtaposed with the nightmare sounds I added.

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