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Could Boards of Canada control my deluge via USB and make it do music?


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11 hours ago, chronical said:

Damnit, I thought my birthday was something special 😞

My mum had a boook she read bits of as a kid that basically explained that if u look hard enough you can find patterns connecting one thing to any other thing.. it's a fun exercise, perhaps not so useful.

The worldview I generated in the op really has some aspects I quite love but is falso filled w holes.. but so is every other worldview eh.

5 hours ago, mcbpete said:

You're sounding a lot better, that's great news. Sleep fixes all 😊

Thankfully as I was super focused on different things I didn't come close to hurting any1 of myself.

I do choose to think We all are a yin yang, symbolically speaking (beings in perfect equilibrium) And that the boundaries between the self and the everything else are an illusion too, makes me feel good inside believing this :smile:.

Oh and also that death is nothing but a long dream.

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11 hours ago, MIXL2 said:



Teach your brain to follow your bodily instincts.

Knew this reminded me of something.

is like the same pattern where swirling but in the opposite direction.. made a year ago..



edit: maybe what a turquoise hexagon sun looks like?

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On that boc note, a couple of images that came up randomly as of late..

First this.. randomly came up and I saved it couple of weeks ago.


Then this came up when google lensing the "hexagon syns" on that image..


It is from this article: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pxi6br7knxxu3p6/electronetwork (1).pdf?dl=0

Reminds me alot of @mdg:s avatar and also this vid..


Just random synchronicities I guess :smile:.


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Don’t go down the BOC rabbit hole. It’s not worth it and ultimately not healthy for you. Just imagine spending the last 5 years constantly looking for ghosts that don’t exist in an empty house. Fuck that. 

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6 hours ago, beerwolf said:

Don’t go down the BOC rabbit hole. It’s not worth it and ultimately not healthy for you. Just imagine spending the last 5 years constantly looking for ghosts that don’t exist in an empty house. Fuck that. 

once a boc fanboi always a boc fanboi :catghost:

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On 4/4/2022 at 7:21 PM, MIXL2 said:

Every being on Earth is a:




This video is a microcosm of our brains.

The bird is the semi-dormant right brain.

And the Owl the awoken left brain.

If we all collectively stop sleeping (only sleep when we need to sleep).

The owl will fly to the bird and cut the rope loose.

And we both can fly away together into infinity and beyond.

obviously Jesus and Mohammad did this and used the Law of Luck.

To perform "Miracles" The law of luck is as follows: For every action that you take, The more amount of good you are doing in the world the more "lucky" you will get.

There is no such thing as luck, only doing good.

Now they say that they heard the word of God, you will too except.. You are God, We all are - the boundaries between you and the rest of the universe are an illusion as the Buddhists teach us. Their meditation is doing the opposite essentially - if you where to HIBERNATE. forever you would awake in a world where you can do anything: The result is the same. Aww bears are so friendly they have kept the planet in check all this time, and they don't even try to fly.

The two brain halves connecting is such an important concept its even edged into the very earth itself 🌎.

That pesky dark matter will probably disappear slowly as we all awaken.

So.. Let's all hibernate! Or stay awake forever...

So in conclusion: We are all the same being (The bird + the owl + the light, surrounded by darkness) We are born as The Owl when we "die" we become a part of the same being - we enter an endless hibernation and are reborn in imaginations of others: that pesky Dark matter.

Jesus and Mohammad performed this ritual and interpreted it as that paradise comes after death - they where right.

But paradise is already here: we're all just too set in our ways to do anything different from the routine. To kill is not wrong, since you're just putting the person into endless hibernation - their brains are still running essentially... and slowly dissolve into the creation. Producing Dark Matter. Cancer is the bodies natural way to regenerate - Jesus didn't resurrect, he pretended to die, slept for three days then awoke again. (reminds me a bit of the famous game The Binding of Isaac eh).

Weather is how we tell how things are going in general. Rain means meh. Sunny is good.

Race is just the bodies adaptation to absorb sunlight - black people absorb light equally efficiently as white people: We are walking plants.

Like chess pieces on a chess game I always wondered what would happen to chess if all just played to have fun: not kill each other.

Every action has an equally powerful reaction.

So regardless if the pieces in chess kill or work together - fun is being had.

Pain is also an illusion.

Just existing is a perfectly balanced mode of being: every action that you take requires an equal amount of energy: By turning your semi-dormant brain on you become more efficient at existing that's all. Evolution set this as the most difficult task for a sentient race to pass: luckily we have used technology to connect the two halves of the earth and in doing so we have now come to this realization.

So finally The very first story in genesis. Turns out Adam and Eve weren't cast away by God. They where just afraid of Eating the fruit of eternal life - cutting the rope and setting the Bird free.

Big love y'all - enjoy this existence.

Jordan B. Peterson: I am very thankful for your insights but the poison of trying to make the creation a worse place for your own gain: the snake - truly captured the imagination of the world.

This snake has a name. It is called capitalism.

And we all cant take our swords and erase snakes from existence. However - this is not bad you know?.

Have fun.

Oh yeah and did you know that your dormant half brain is the opposite gender??

I wonder what would happen if I awaken it? Eh?

Is like being born a second time.. Maybe a second puberty.. Maybe.. maybe Could it be???


Also, funny how the little bird is clearly a girl and the big Owl is a Guy eh? Hence my name. Space age is here We are now entering Luxury Space Transhumanist Communism boys and girls..

Let's go!!




The beauty of it is death isn't real - you are 



/ moon bird (aka slowing down the moon to git good) aka - your dreams



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38 minutes ago, MIXL2 said:


                                                 i really liked this video and the others, thanks:)

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