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Aphex Day again


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17 minutes ago, Berk said:
  1 hour ago, phudoshin said:

But where's heat or what is heat?


                                      sumthin' to do with these four


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Big Drukqs fan but maybe I should play this track more (I prefer the soundcloud version tbh) Maybe it’s too ‘pretty’ as the lady says. I do remember when Avril 14th was released free on an NME cd and he mentioned how it should be a classic piano track but parts of it are flipped and twisted to trick the classical music fan and how it shouldn’t work. Something along those lines anyway. Most of time he told just lies to the NME anyway ?

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1 hour ago, Summon Dot E X E said:

This is a really good analysis. She makes me want to listen to Satie, if this song is anything like his work.

I really wish I could play piano without having to practice to get there.

I recall digging into Satie at some point related to Avril 14th.  Also in recent years I've really got into Nils Frahm piano recordings.

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